Friday, February 11, 2011

Chef Jami Cakes RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Greens, Eggs and Ham

  Greens, Eggs and Ham  by Jami Cakes 
(serves 1 - multiply it by the # of people)
2 eggs
1 oz shaved manchego cheese
1 TBSN julienned roasted piquillo peppers
1 TBSN chopped flat leaf parsley
2 slices Flax seed bread
1 tomato -finely diced
1 tsp chopped flat leaf parsley
Cayenne pepper
1/2 Port wine vinegar
1 TBSN Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A handful of Arugula
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
2 slices Jamon Serrano Ham (or Prosciutto)
  1. Heat the pan and then add a little olive oil.  
  2. Put the bread in a toaster oven.
  3. Whisk the eggs in a bowl with a little salt and pepper and pour into the pan. Shake around to evenly coat.  
  4. Sprinkle on the Manchego cheese, Piquillo peppers and parsley and let set for a minute.  Then stir around. 
  5. Cook for another minute so the eggs are set and the cheese is melted.
1.In a bowl, stir together the tomato and parsley.  Add salt, pepper and cayenne to taste.    Drizzle over Port and EVOO   and stir together.
1. Toss Arugula with a little olive oil, salt and pepper
  1. Spoon the salsa over the bread
  2. Top with the arugula
  3. Place the eggs on top of the arugula
  4. Place the slices of ham on top
  5. EAT!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Healthy Cookie Quest

So, something I pride myself on, is the fact that I eat, just about everything.  That being said however, in finding out that I have a wheat intolerance and after 2 weeks of eating delicious, yet not so good for me specialty items from around the south of the states, I’m trying to eat better and definitely eat less wheat.  So what does a bake-o-holic do to get their fix, without using flour and make the goods healthy?  If only I knew!  
A local Sunday farmers market, was just the inspiration I needed.  Aside from having fresh produce, meats, fish and ready to eat food, a new stall has been brought into the picture.  Eat Me™ Cookies sells vegan and gluten free cookies.  
Now, normally, I don’t like these.  No offense to those who are vegan or vegetarian.  Everyone’s different and everyone chooses to do what’s right for them.  If you don’t give me crap for eating what I eat, I won’t give you crap either. But vegan baked goods, are usually not to my liking.  I mean what’s a cookie without butter; I like my butter!  
Eat Me™ Cookies did such a good job at making these fantastic oatmeal and cranberry spice cookies without added fat, with a low sugar percentage,  without wheat and with a satisfying texture and flavor, that I’ve decided I am going to make my own... or so I hope.  
I’ve grown up in a family that’s always baked.  But with eggs, sugar, flour, and lots and lots of butter.  There was always fresh goodies around when I was growing up. Chocolate chip bars, almond crunch cookies, and blueberry cake, all of which were loaded with butter.  So the concept of baking without butter, without eggs, doesn’t yet register in my mind. 
After a bit of questioning and research, the first thing I found out was how to create a vegan egg.  The all natural egg substitute is nothing other than ground golden flax seeds mixed with boiling water.  The mixing and emulsifying of the 2 ingredients creates an egg-like consistency.  I know, weird right?  Eggs, check.  Now for the sweetener.  Organic brown sugar seems to be a common one, as is apple sauce.  It adds moisture, texture and sweetness.  Sweetener, check.  Now, what would I use as my flour substitute?  Bob’s™ Red Meal gluten free all purpose baking flour was said to be good and alongside that I ground up a bit of oats.  Spices, baking powder, vanilla, cranberries and some pumpkin seeds.  What more could this cookie need?  Butter?    I didn’t want to use a vegan butter, so I though perhaps a tiny bit of oil would be alright, but the only oil in house was extra virgin olive oil, something that would have too strong of a flavor for this, so I thought perhaps the flax would add enough fat.  We would soon see, this was an experiment after all.
I dropped spoonfuls of the batter onto a Silpat lined baking sheet and baked at 350˚ for about 10 minutes until the cookies were golden brown.  They looked pretty good, but what I was really concerned with, was the taste and texture.  The flavor was tasty, but the texture was a bit gluey.  After re-reading the ingredients of Eat Me™ Cookies, I found out that her source of fat comes from a sunflower butter.   I didn’t have any of that, but perhaps a tablespoon of almond butter into the bit of left over dough might work? 
Ten minutes later, the last few adjusted cookies came out.  Though still a bit gummy, they were a lot better.  After reading a bit about Eat Me™ Cookies, I found out that it took the creator over a few years to get her recipe down.  This is gonna be a long experimental process, but one of these days (maybe not too far away) I will make a damn good healthy cookie!

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