Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was on a hike today and began thinking of, if I were, one day, to write a book about my adventures in traveling, what a good prologue would be. My mind began to wonder and I ended up writing this grand story in my head while sweating my ass off  as I walked up a hill. However by the time I got home, the only thing that stuck in my head was, "I like to travel"... hence the inspiration for this piece.... ENJOY.
I like to travel. I suppose that’s a strong understatement coming from me. Look at the reality of it; I’ve barely been home in the past few years and although I do quite often miss the comforts of my own bed, my mom’s warm embrace, my dad’s good mornings, my fully stocked kitchen, work, my 3 pooches awaiting anxiously at the door for me, and many other habitual routines I’ve grown accustomed to, after a few weeks home, I quickly grow bored of it, wanting, needing, craving an unknown world, a fresh thrill of excitement, a new adventure to be had, in which case, I promptly plan one for myself and then stress out about it until I finally arrive at my destination, never sure of my next step. Wow, wanna talk about a run on sentence?
Quite honestly, when I do eventually settle down, get married, have kids, a family, a house, a restaurant, everything I’ve pictured would sooner or later play out in my future, I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen to me. I guess I could look at it as another new adventure, I mean that is what it is. But to wake up in the same bed, with the same person, day after day, as we both grow old and ugly and have a crying baby in the other room, with another one growing in my uterus, while we work long hours, and stress about our financial stability, sounds like a hair pulling, stress ridden long haul situation to me. Do I really want to get myself into that? Where in there was it mentioned taking off at any given point to get out in the real world, to travel and explore?  Oh, that’s right, it wasn’t! 
I realize I’m only 20. Things change. Ideas broaden, some fade. Minds grow, until eventually they shrink... And life, as it always has, goes from phase to phase. You start as a baby, then to a toddler, child, teenager, young adult, norm adult, mid-life crisis adult, old adult, until one day, before you even realize it, you’re dead. You’re born, you live, you grow, you die, as it has always been. Depressing much? Is there someway to change this though? I don’t want to be an adult! It seems like there’s this rule that after the kid to adult transition, one goes from a wild free spirited full of fun, life loving soul, to a more serious version of themselves, focusing on the future instead of the moment. The kid always there in the background, their ideas pent up somewhere inside of their soul, trying hard to escape, but most of the time unable to, unless in a carefree situation. I don’t want to be this! I refuse to be this. In fact, for anyone who knows me, if I ever do become this, give me one of those dramatic “snap out of it” movie slaps would ya?!
I guess what I’m getting at, is that for me, I really can’t picture my life without travel, without surprise, sans the unexpected! In fact can’t really imagine my life. Sure, I have dreams, ideas, thoughts on my future, but if one were to do a study of the way I work, they’d realize that for me to plan out a future, would never work. Some people map out their lives. They dream of their prince charming, their wedding, their white picket fenced house, their high paying job, their family Christmas dinners, their 3 perfect children each going to a top university and so on. I’m sorry to be Ms. Downer here, let’s look at what happens to a majority of those people. They’re miserable. They either end up in unhappy marriages, or brutal divorces, working long hours at jobs they hate. Always thinking about what they wanted for their life, instead of just living. I’m gonna go on, doing what I do, letting everything eventually fall into place as it’s meant to, living in the moment. I will never change who I am, or what I’m doing, I can’t.